DOT Glasses is a major enabler of societal equality and supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We provide access to basic vision care for everyone, everywhere

We support the creation of micro-enterprises and enable people to work according to their capabilities

We increase productivity and earnings of low income people

100% of our end customers are
Bottom of the Pyramid people

We help children improve school performance and adults to read

60% of people with uncorrected
poor vision are women and girls

Global effects of providing corrective eyeglasses

Large, positive effects of providing eyeglasses have been recorded in multiple studies in low- and mid-income settings. In a broadly accepted study among tea pickers in India, research has shown the following average impact of glasses provision.

Glasses impact on worker productivity
Glasses impact on monthly income
Economic impact of $1 invested into glasses

We are committed to human rights and dignity


We cooperate with trusted organizations and governments to support everyone´s right for decent living.


We bring good vision for work productivity and protect fair conditions for young entrepreneurs to sell affordable eyeglasses to their communities.


Everyone should have the same opportunities for health, education, work and family life and good vision is a important part of those values.